SEDA Summer School – Digital Literacies

The action learning sets have given me the opportunity to reflect on the impact of institutional changes on individual academics and learning technologists. My role is to initiate institutional blended learning policies and being reminded of the impact of policies on individuals is very helpful.

I have also benefited from confirmation that is OK to miss workshops in order to work on the development of my project plan using the input which I have gained. This has enabled me to leave the summer school with a draft version of the plan which can form the basis of discussion with colleagues at Brighton. I was relieved to have completed this as many other participants stated in the final round-up that were going to get back and then think about everything. I knew that with other commitments that I wanted to leave with a completed plan.

The setting was magnificent at Cumberland Lodge in the middle of Windsor Park.

I had problems with sending from my twitter account which may be due to some settings that I had changed the previous week.

I am looking forward to keeping in contact with new colleagues in future.

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